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In 1996    Factory founded( Factory of battery accessories and shell was established in Xinhua).

In 1999
   Started to produce the battery plates.

In 2000
   Began to produce battery assembly and create Aoyuan brand.

In 2002
   Set up a sales company in Changsha city (main business in hunan province).

In 2004
 Created brands like Oupu, Price Dessert etc and started to go abroad for the international market.

In 2006
   Established Shanghai Tianzhong Battery Co.,Ltd. which mainly R&D for the European exported products and started to open the market for the abroad markets.

In 2007
  Established Oupu(HK)International Co.,Ltd, and started to enter the Southeast Asia market.

In 2013
 Hunan KOJEAN Energy Development Co.,Ltd founded,at the same time,KOJEAN brand was created.And cooperated with the top 500 enterprises Johnson. 

In 2014
 Investment 380 million to build production base.

In 2018
The production base was official completed and started to put into production.
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